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» » The results of the Seven Arts Competition 2023. A revolution in art and photography.

The results of the Seven Arts Competition 2023. A revolution in art and photography.

The results of the Seven Arts Competition 2023. A revolution in art and photography.
In March 2023, the winners of the annual art and photography competition, The Seven Arts Competition 2023, were revealed. The competition, which attracted hundreds of artists and photographers from around the world, featured a wide range of styles and media, from stunning photographs to breathtaking paintings and works of mixed media.

Anastasia Ivanova, Veronika Strelbitskaya, Anna Zhila, Yulia Tulegenova, Rim Safiulin, Yuri Negrebitsky and Vladimir Shmoylov won the Art category. Each artist and photographer demonstrated his or her unique vision and artistic skills, earning the praise of the judges.

Anastasia Ivanova's series of photographs, which presented surreal and thought-provoking images of vegetarians' perception of eating meat, impressed the judges with its emotional depth and technical precision.
Ivanova's photographs, which won this year's Seven Arts artist and photographer competition, explore the complex relationship between vegetarians and food.

Veronika Strelbitskaya's mixed media work, combining music and painting, explored themes of identity and self-discovery in a visually stunning and thought-provoking way.

Anna Zhila's painting, using bold colours and striking textures, was praised for its innovative use of materials and clear understanding of the artist's purpose.

Yulia Tulegenova's mixed media work, incorporating found objects and collages, was praised for its playful and whimsical tone as well as an underlying commentary on consumer culture.

Rim Safiulin's minimalist drawings, which use space to create vivid and thought-provoking images, were noted for their subtle power and technical skill.

Yuri Negrebitsky's multimedia work, exploring the relationship between image and sound, was noted for its innovative use of technology and ability to transport the viewer into another world.

Finally, posters by Vladimir Shmoylov, capturing intimate and emotional moments in black and white, received a prize for emotionality and artistic vision.

The jury was impressed by the high level of talent and creativity in this year's competition. Congratulations to the winners of the art and photography competition Seven Arts Contest 2023!

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Опубликовано 15 мар 2023